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Welcome to From Vermilion to Violet, my personal blog about life, from all perspectives and points of view!

Life itself is colorful, in the many ways that you look at it. Glance around and you are literally surrounded in color, from the dusty storm blue of the sky in the evening to the canary yellow cardigan on the lady in the grocery store to the bright green of summer grass in the summer. We see a rainbow of colors every day, and we are living inside a world saturated with these hues and every shade in between.

But color and rainbows extend far beyond their literal presence. Life is colorful because the people living it make it so, as each person’s unique experience adds depth, shadow, and highlights to ultimately create one figurative rainbow. We are diverse, stretching from red to purple, auburn to amethyst, and vermilion to violet. Each person on this planet lives their own life, and adds to the conglomeration of all our lives—a human rainbow. We all have our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, appearances, experiences, struggles, joys, losses, and opinions.

In From Vermilion to Violet, I hope to share my own take on these aspects of life, from the unique and intuitive perspective of my own eyes. I hope to give you a little advice (do with it as you wish), rant on occasion (I can’t help it), and, ultimately, dish out inspiration galore! I’ll geek out at times, I’ll muse philosophically, I’ll be sharp tongued and witty at others, and at more further still I’ll be serious and contemplative.

I invite you to follow and enjoy the rainbow that I call my life, and notice the rainbow that you call yours. From Vermilion to Violet, we create this world.

Muse with me.

Think with me.

Explore with me.

Live in color—ROYGBIV—with me.

Colorfully yours,

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One thought on “About

  1. Darilyn says:

    Rowena–This site is beautiful !! I am looking forward to musing with you as I read your posts…when it’s more calm here than at this minute. Hopefully later today…Love, Aunt D.

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