I am Obsessed With Eggs

I Am Obsessed With Eggs

The title pretty much says it all: I am obsessed with eggs. I just absolutely love them. I can’t exactly say why, other than the fact that I don’t think I go through a day without eating at least one egg (if not two…or three…).


Looking back on it, I guess I’ve liked eggs my whole life. I mean, I ate them my whole life. When I was little, I remember my dad would cook eggs for breakfast in the frying pan. I also remember that an event equivalent to a holiday in my family was the times we would get a double yolk. I am not joking when I say that we would photograph it and do little dances of celebration (I challenge anyone reading this to beat our family record of four double yolk eggs all in one morning).


But eggs were not confined to the limits of breakfast, oh no. “Breakfast for dinner” was very much a commonplace event in the house, when my mom would make omelets or scrambled egg and bagel sandwiches for me and my sister when we returned from gymnastics or ballet practice. Eggs are easy, delicious, and nutritious; of course they work in a pinch in any situation!


To throw in a little scientific fun fact, did you know that eggs are one of the only “complete” proteins? Yes, meat, fish, nuts, and beans are proteins, but their protein content is actually determined off of the baseline of an egg. What makes the egg complete is that is has a balanced amount of all nine essential amino acids. Other proteins have the amino acids, but something that contains them all in correct proportion is much harder to find! Eggs have a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.0, the highest possible. That makes them, put simply, fabulous. Go eggs.


The great thing is that each of us in our family has a favorite way to eat eggs. Call us egg connoisseurs.

My dad? Well, he always makes them sunny side up. The picture perfect, classic style, usually with a side of rye bread with butter. He’s great at cooking them just enough to keep them runny, but also avoid the uncooked white that makes sunny side up so tricky to master. If you’re on team Dad, here’s how to make his favorite method:



Perfect Sunny-Side-Up Eggs


2 eggs

Butter/magarine/cooking spray

Frying pan



  1. Heat frying pan on medium low heat. Melt butter/margarine/spray in the pan.
  2. Once the pan has heated up, carefully crack the eggs into the skillet.
  3. Let cook for 1-2 minutes, until the white part of the egg is set up and opaque
  4. Season with salt and pepper, serve with your favorite sides.


Moving on down the line, we come to my sister. Of the whole family, she probably has the smallest dose of the egg obsession, but if she were to choose, she’d probably go for one of those scrambled egg and cheese bagel sandwiches I mentioned before. I’ve never really had anything like them other than in my house, but they’re really fabulous. Here’s how we make them:



Scrambled Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwiches


2 eggs

About 2 oz Muenster cheese (from a block)

Wheat bagel

Butter/margarine/cooking spray

Frying pan



  1. Turn the stove on medium low, add butter/margarine/spray to begin melting. Cut bagel in half and place in the toaster.
  2. Add the cheese to the pan and let it melt just a little. Crack in 2 eggs, scramble with a spatula.
  3. Let eggs sit, periodically folding them until they are scrambled, cooked, and the cheese in incorporated throughout.
  4. Once the bagel pops up from the toaster, butter it. Add the eggs on the bottom side, top with the bagel top.
  5. Cut in half, enjoy!


My mom absolutely adores hard boiled eggs. We almost always have a few made and sitting in the fridge. They’re great for a quick snack or as something to munch on-the-go, especially for someone as busy as her. And they are so incredibly versatile. You can have them alone with salt and pepper, sliced with mayonnaise into egg salad, or mixed up into deviled eggs. When she makes them, this is how she does it:


Hard Boiled Eggs


A dozen eggs

Water in a saucepan



  1. Fill the pan 2/3 full with cold water. Place the eggs in it, and put the pan on the stove. Cover.
  2. Set the stove on high heat and wait for the water to boil.
  3. Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and let the eggs sit.
  4. The eggs will cook inside differently depending on how long they sit. The perfect egg will sit about 9 minutes.
  5. Gently pour out the hot water, and fill up the pan with cold water and ice. This helps the shell release from the egg so it will be easier to peel.
  6. Gently peel the eggs, wash off excess shell, and enjoy! Serve immediately or store in the fridge.


Last but not least, it’s time to share my favorite way to eat eggs. It’s actually really hard to say, because I’m like my dad in that I love sunny side up. I’ll eat scrambled and hard boiled too. I will take a solid spinach, mushroom, tomato, and basil omelet any day. But all of those egg methods pale in comparison to the most fun, entertaining, and rewarding egg-ventures: poaching.


I didn’t learn how to poach an egg until a few months ago. I knew what it was, but all I knew was that fancy chefs on TV did it a lot and were always getting kicked off the competitions for not poaching correctly. I figured it was way too difficult to learn.

However, when I recently went to Latvia, I got a lesson in egg poaching. And it turned out fantastically! I know an egg is an egg is an egg, but there is something eggciting about poaching because it is such a touch and go game. You have no idea if you’ve undercooked or overcooked or cooked just right until you’ve finished and plated your egg and cut into it with a knife. It’s a risk, but it’s also so rewarding when you nail it. Recently, I’ve been poaching eggs like crazy, and have discovered that basically anything can benefit from a poached egg on top. I’ve topped pasta with them, English muffins, fried rice, oatmeal, salad, veggies, you name it.


Me, poaching an egg for the first time in latvia!


Now that I’ve tortured you with the details of egg poaching, here’s how I learned how (it’s worked so far)!

Poached Eggs


1 egg

Saucepan with water


White vinegar

Slotted spoon



  1. Fill the pan with water, add salt for flavor. Put over high/medium heat.
  2. Crack the egg into a small dish or ramekin and set aside
  3. Allow the water to simmer to almost boiling. Avoid a rolling boil.
  4. Once the water is ready, add a capful of vinegar (it helps keep the whites together)
  5. Pick up the ramekin with the egg in your dominant hand. Hold the spoon in your other hand, and swirl it in the water to create a vortex.
  6. While still stirring the water, gently slide the egg in. be careful not to let the yolk break.
  7. Gently swirl the water and let the egg whites coagulate around the yolk.
  8. Allow to sit in the water about 3 minutes, or until you can gently press on the egg and it feels squishy. Skim the excess white off the top.
  9. Using the slotted spoon, gently lift he egg out of the water.
  10. Eat and serve as desired!


There you have it: four of my family’s favorite ways to make my favorite food: eggs. The versatile, yummy, and healthy food perfect for any meal, any time of day. I’m off to dinner, and yes, it would be a sin to not have an egg after just writing this blog. I hope you all have an EGGcellent day, and remember that you are EGGxtra special people, always.









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