TGIF (Tasty Glorious Ice Cream Feature)- With Whipped Cream and a Cherry on Top

I thought I would do a fun post to close out the month of July (and to ease you off of my other, heavier post today)! As some of you may know, July is officially National Ice Cream Month. We had National Vanilla Ice Cream day, National Hot Fudge Sundae day, and of course, National Ice Cream Day on the third Sunday of the month! Now, just like the frozen treat we all love, I’ll end the (best) food month of the year with some fun facts, recipes, and final celebrations of the delicious summer dessert of ice, baby, ice, ice, ice cream.

To start, know you’re reading this from a pro: I’ve been loving ice cream my whole life, as these pictures clearly demonstrate. I even did a report on the history of ice cream in middle school! Oh, and one of my birthday parties was in an ice cream parlor. So rest assured, the lowdown on this luscious dessert is coming from a very reliable source.

Loving life.

Loving life.

"No time to smile! Must. Eat. Cone."

“No time to smile! Must. Eat. Cone.”

Making a sundae takes a lot of concentration. it's an art.

Making a sundae takes a lot of concentration. it’s an art.

Thus, being the “expert” I am, here’s some fun facts about ice cream, followed by some ice cream recipes. If you try one, let me know in the comments! Tell me your favorite fact!

  1. Thanks, Thomas Jefferson

Although highly debated among historians, many cite President Thomas Jefferson as the person who first popularized ice cream in the United States, after he returned from a business trip in France with an infatuation with the frozen treat, clutching a recipe that called for:

2 bottles of “good cream”

6 yolks of eggs

½ lb of sugar

Vanilla flavoring.

He later went on to build the first ice cream maker in the White House, and on Independence Day 1806, churned it out by the gallon.

I guess we can count on god ol’ TJ for two of the possibly most important documents in American history: The Declaration of Independence and the first ice cream recipe.

Jefferson's recipe

Jefferson’s recipe

Celebrate Thomas Jefferson with his tried and true recipe for vanilla ice cream: The Ultimate Classic.

  1. We still love the classics

Vanilla is (and rightfully should be) still the most popular flavor of ice cream in the United States, which, seeing as it was Jefferson’s favorite doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s my favorite flavor too! It takes up 20-29% of all sales!

vanilla-ice-creamChocolate, as one would likely predict, comes in a close second.

Honor the classics with this vanilla ice cream milkshake. Because melted and blended ice cream is just as good as the scooped stuff.

  1. And on top?

If vanilla is still the most popular flavor, then chocolate syrup is the most popular topping! The US still stands by its classic, gooey, drippy hot fudge. Do I have your mouth watering yet??

You could buy the kind in a bottle, or take the time to really splurge and make your own hot fudge topping for your ice cream with the linked recipe!

hot fudge

  1. The world’s largest…

The world’s largest ice cream cone is 2.81 meters high (10 ft and 1.26 inches), and was made by Hennig-Olsen Is AL and Trond L Wøien (both Norway) at Kristiansand, Norway just this past month, on July 26th. After they measured it, they carried it via helicopter to be destroyed and consumed.

Largest ice cream cone, 2015!

Largest ice cream cone, 2015!

You may not be able to make the largest cone, but you can make your own waffle cones at home! Try this neat recipe for a cone with a twist- it’s a cup!


  1. How many licks??

That time old question- how many licks? We’re used to wondering about the tootsie pop, but what about ice cream? According to research, it takes an average of 50 licks to finish off one scoop. My recommendation: SAVOR EACH ONE! Or better yet, double it up and get two flavors.

Quick, do some math: In a banana split like this one that uses three scoops of ice cream, how many licks to finish off your dessert?

3 scoops X 50 licks per scoop= ???

3 scoops X 50 licks per scoop= ???

With those five fun facts and mouth-watering recipes, I bid goodbye to the final hours of National Ice Cream Month. I’ll close with this quote: “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s pretty much the same thing.”

ice cream quote

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ICE CREAM! TGIF my way this Friday- with a bowl of ice cream for dessert!




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