A Social Media Shoutout

Hi there, rainbow viewers!

While not as inspirational as I would like, I’d just like to take a moment to self-promote and encourage your support in making my blog known!

If you’re reading this, that already means I love you, and I have some new ways you can make me love you even more:

Firstly, please FOLLOW MY BLOG! The colors of our lives are all around us, and I strive to make you aware of them and provide some positive thoughts and perspectives to your day. Join me, as From Vermilion to Violet takes off running.

Feel free to COMMENT on my posts! I love to hear your thoughts and feedback, as they are the true application of the words that I write. Suggest post ideas, muse along with me, and add shadows and highlights to the colors of From Vermilion to Violet.

FOLLOW MY TWITTER and INSTAGRAM accounts, where I’ll be updating you on blog information and providing images and insight to light up your day, as well as keeping an instant record of my daily (and of course colorful) life-enriching activities! Links to both accounts can be found on the blog sidebar, or at the following username:


And, lastly, GIVE ME A SHOUT OUT! Tell your friends about me, and repost/retweet/re-everything my actions! Spread the word by mouth, by text, by shout out, or even by my last-resort, yet occasionally preferred method: carrier pigeon. Okay, just kidding on the pigeon. But really, I appreciate all the publicity I can get, so I can make my rainbow plethora of thoughts available to as many audience members as possible.

I appreciate your support more than you ever know, my friends, and I hope you’ll stay on this incredible journey through life and rainbows with me!



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