First Post: Who Am I? Why a Blog? Why From Vermilion to Violet?

Well, this is exciting! Welcome to my FIRST BLOG POST! Welcome to the launching of From Vermilion to Violet, and, most importantly, welcome to a record of life: the colorful, rainbow edition! My name is Rowena, and I hope to take you on a journey through my own thoughts, experiences, trials, and tribulations, all in an effort to embrace life as we, human beings, experience it. To get us started on this rainbow journey, I figured I would provide a little background on myself and how I ended up as the creator of this blog, today, July 18th, 2015.

About me? Simply put, I’m a girl with a brain and a lot to say. I have strong opinions, an optimistic and headstrong attitude, and an endless drive to succeed. Above all, I am observant, a quality that I’ve used to develop my own unique perspective on life and happiness, and one which I hope to share with you. I am is someone with words worth recording, and, if you’re willing to read, someone whose words and inspiration is worth reading.

So: Why blog? To share my life, however small of a life it may be in the vast universe surrounding us, and to embrace all aspects of it that I can. I will journey with you through ups and downs, answer questions of philosophical importance, and simply enjoy what there is to offer in life, because why should I keep it all to myself? Reality TV, classical books, rap music, inspirational quotes, delicious food, cats, coffee, the shape of a cloud, and so much more will fill these pages. I’ll go on adventures, try new things, relish old traditions, and tackle challenges galore. And with each memory, moment, recipe, memento, secret, truth, and tale that I think of, I’ll share it with you. We aren’t living the same life, but we’re living in the same world. From Vermilion to Violet gives us the chance to explore that world and love it for what it is: raw and real, but most of all, colorful.

Thus, the birth of the name for this blog: From Vermilion to Violet. While it sounds cliché, life itself is truly colorful, and it is up to us to build our world based off of this. Gone are the days and thoughts in gray scale, as I will welcome in all of the colors which I see from my own eyes.

We are the observers, the participants, and also the artists. So from vermilion to violet, I’ll note what makes life unique, beautiful, and true.

Blog Logo 001

Speaking of unique, here’s the story of From Vermilion to Violet: The Origin of the Name.

For starts, it took me two entire days to think of this name. I knew I wanted a blog, I knew I wanted it to be about life, and I knew I wanted a title that was catchy and, I quote, “artsy.” And creative. And witty. And inspirational. And memorable. And thought provoking/funny/compassionate/did I mention pretty and stylish and motivational? I digress—that list is endless.

Needless to say, after one frustrating hour after another of sitting in front of a blank computer screen (then a blank notebook, then a blank napkin, then a blank notes app on my phone), I concluded that thinking of a blog name is much harder than it looks. I would come up with an “epiphany,” jot down 20 different versions of it, and almost be satisfied, only to come back in an hour and think to myself, “Rowena, what was going through your mind?” By 5:00, I was utterly exhausted, and still nameless.

So, in a last ditch effort, I wrote a list—a brain fart, if you may—of anything and everything that came to my mind. Miraculously, out of the blue (no pun intended), I wrote down “rainbow.” Rainbow. Hmm. Colors. Shades. Hues. Ombré. ROYGBIV. All of a sudden, the floodgates had been released! That was it: Life is a Rainbow.

After over a day of cycling between failure, partial success, and frustration, I had hit the nail on the head for this blog. I think just in one day, I truly did travel From Vermilion to Violet on an emotional roller coaster, but hey: this post (and this blog) today are the result. Enjoy it, and enjoy life’s rainbows, my friends, for as one famous girl with pigtails, a baby blue gingham apron, and ruby red shoes once said, “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” Let’s realize those dreams, and travel through the vibrant shades of life: together.

somwhere over the rainbow quoteLife, as we can now affectionately call it, is vermilion, violet, and every color in between. Here’s to living, here’s to this blog, and here’s to never undermining the power of a solid brain fart.

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2 thoughts on “First Post: Who Am I? Why a Blog? Why From Vermilion to Violet?

  1. Jackie Lillo says:

    You are an amazing young woman. I am so glad our paths crossed.It is obvious you are beautiful on the inside and out. Your blog is fantastic- it’s obvious how bright you are. I have a quote that I love, “Anything is possible when someone believes in you”-I believe in you and I know you will accomplish great things in your life. Have a terrific birthday and BE HAPPY!!! With love, Jackie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jackie, it means so so much to hear your words of support! I admire your ability to place life into the broad perspective it deserves, and am lucky to have such a strong and insightful woman herself supporting me.


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